‘Fruit shop’ fun

After just one week of consciously trying to slow down parenting and life in general, imaginative play in our house has rocketed basically because the children have more time to be imaginative.  E’s latest idea to set up a fruit shop with real fruit was brilliant!! Lots of careful selection and placement of fruit, acting out of roles, till work and the best bit of all, the kids ate the whole lot!!! “Would you like a fruit cocktail mummy?”!! Oh yes please!!! ‘Slow parenting’ or should I say ‘slower parenting’  rocks!!!! Long may it continue.



Bows and arrows out of sticks!

What fun! And not parent-led at all. The children went off and selected their sticks and came back saying they were ‘bows and arrows’ and played with them to this end. There’s a lot to be said for the ‘natural world’ that surrounds us, access to nature being a huge part of the ‘slow parenting’ idea. For more info look at:


Bunting, blackberries and bows and arrows!

Sounds like a very busy day, quite contrary to the ‘slow parenting’ ideal I’m trying to reach but in fact the day just evolved in this way. A day of two halves – one crafting and  spending the morning here at home making and hanging our own bunting and the second half in the park (this time Stapleford) where the trees gave us the tools for the bows and arrows and the hedgerow provided us with our delicious fare. The children got a real buzz from picking their own!  Out came the nappy sacks (clean ones of course) and off the children went to collect their bounty. They delighted in the large juicy fruits and plenty of them were munched during the picking process. Old fashioned fun. We’re off to make a blackberry pie now!! Will let you know how we get on…………

We found a new park…… a ‘Country Park’ no less!!!!

We are actually becoming quite ‘connoisseurs’ of our local parks. Every school holiday we set out to explore and find new parks in our area. We try and visit a new one each week. Every village has one. We’ve found all sorts – some secluded and overgrown, some recently renovated with futuristic style playgrounds, others completely old fashioned with leg breaking/ arm breaking roundabouts as standard! It’s quite fun really and rarely are 2 parks ever the same!  My best tip is to go exploring new housing estates. These often have new country parks and modern play areas (part of planning applications I guess). Why not be the first to try them out! Here’s an extremely ‘shiny and new’ country park we stumbled across only the other day. It had a wonderful flower meadow (perfect for making flower posies) and fantastic picnic benches!! I’m sure we were the first to sit on them!! Happy exploring!!


‘Thou shall hev a fishy!!’

Oh the joy and the sheer delight on my children’s faces when today we went fishing, not only for the first time in their lives but also for the first time in my life!!!  ‘Slow parenting’ – the epitome!!! From skipping along the path, bucket and net in hand to wading into the stream and waiting patiently for a little minnow to swim past, to the ecstatic cheers when a fish was caught. It was a sheer delight. What a simple and wonderful activity to do and why on earth had I not thought of doing it before? The location was Byron’s Pool and the spot, a little man-made shingle beach close to a bridge leading down to the pool where Byron used to bathe. Idyllic and delightful. I will remember our fishing trip very fondly for years to come…………………

Snacking on jam sandwiches the ‘slow fashioned’ way

Snacking is constant in our household. Another area of parenting I wish to amend. Fast paced parenting seems to go hand in hand with constant nibbling and more to the point constant ‘treats’. Surely a treat should be just that , not something administered morning, noon and night!!!! So in an attempt to slow my parenting down  I am going to slow down the snacks too. Less of the manufactured/ processed type and more of the simpler, cheaper and traditional style of snack given out less often and to be enjoyed and savoured!! From now on,  one snack, mid morning, one snack mid afternoon. And today’s snack was the delightful snack of jam on bread. The timeless’ jam sandwich’ that seems to have fallen off my radar and which, you know what, the kids loved!!! There’s nothing more simple and more enjoyable than a jam sandwich and better still we had even made the jam. We’d had a whole ‘slow’ afternoon of making it. The slow parenting brigade would be proud, we made the activity of strawberry picking last all afternoon!! We picked the fruit at a local fruit farm then returned home to wash the strawberries, mash them, dissolve the sugar, squeeze the lemons, wash the jam jars, design the jam labels. Plenty to do for all ages and the finishing result the most delicious jam you could possibly wish for. Jam sandwiches  – a ‘must have’ for my new slow parenting regime!!!! 

Let’s go!!!

Born of the need to slow down my parenting, I have decided to start a blog!! I’m calling myself ‘slow mum in Cambridge’ because I aspire to be just that!! Join me on my journey to slow down my parenting and re-connect with my children. Welcome aboard!!