Don’t be bored, play a board game!

We’ve got some brilliant board games on our bookshelves but I can’t believe how little we use them. Some of them haven’t even been opened. HOW SHAMEFUL which is why from now on, I’m going to be on a mission to make the most of the wonderful games we have and when possible play at least one board game a day with the children.  I’ve realised that I never make time to sit down and play a board game with the children so from now on in this is going to change. We found a fabulous game to play today called ‘Pop to the shops’ which is an extension of the very well known game ‘ Shopping list’ by Orchard toys. It was brilliant. Emma had to recognise numbers and prices, roll the dice and work with play money,  paying and giving change. Matthew helped out rolling the dice and placing the food items on the right squares. It was awesome. I can’t believe it has been on our shelf for over 7 months. It’ll be put to good use from now on in I’m sure. Can’t wait to play it again tomorrow. Cx


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