Staying in is the new going out!!!

Before my whole journey into the realms of ‘slower parenting’ began, I seemed to have got to a point of hardly spending any quality time with my children. Every morning, lunchtime and afternoon would be timetabled to the hilt with play dates and parties and clubs, always out of the house and nearly always with other people.  I had got to a point where it was never just me and the kids at home anymore and that’s so wrong!

So, like the well-known saying goes, ‘Home is where the heart is’, and that’s exactly where I have decided to spend more time. So what better way to spend a hot August afternoon than having a fabulous fun-packed, water-fuelled afternoon in the garden. We decided to have a  ‘pooll partee’!! We had a great time. We put up signs and ice cream menus, set out changing seats and filled the pool with a multitude of cups and pans and jugs. What fun! Then came the party itself, a rip roaring affair, with screams of delight as mummy fired the hose pipe at bare bums and made arcs of water high up in the sky. We played with bubbles and played catch, slid down the slide into the pool ( the children-  not mummy !!!) and picked posies.The space hoppers were out and the mini ride ons. It was just so much fun!!!  And the best thing was that I was actually having fun with them. Not standing on the sidelines looking on or chatting with another parent or saying ‘just a minute’ from the kitchen sink. I was with them and in their zone, laughing and joking and really enjoying their company. And the magnanimous verdict on this afternoon’s HOME-based fun, ‘fabulous’!! ‘ Can we have another pool party again tomorrow mummy?!!!’ ‘Yes, once I’ve tidied up from today!!!!!!!!’ xxxxx


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