Housework help!

My children often say to me, ‘Can I help?’ ‘ Can I help?, ‘Can I do it?’. To which my usual reply is  ‘No thank you darling’ or ‘not at the moment’ but I am finding more and more that if I think it through a little, I can devise some sort of simple version of the task I’m doing for them to carry out and it leads to hours of ‘slow’ fun. This one is one of Emma’s favourites. She just loves putting the washing out for me. She has her own little pot of pegs and is in charge of socks and pants and daddy’s hankies!! She busies herself with these whilst I grapple with the shirts and sheets (not as exciting I can tell you!!). Obviously it’s not always possible for the children to join in or help, but ‘where there’s a will’………. Other mini jobs my two have helped out with are washing up, brushing, folding, mopping, dusting, putting clothes away, vacuuming!!! You might have to redo it all yourself afterwards but in the meanwhile happy little children feel like they are helping their mum!!!!!!!! Bless em!


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