Oooo we do love a crumble!!!

And this time it was a plum one using Delia’s crumble topping recipe (225g plain flour, 75g butter, 75-110g soft brown sugar, according to taste). GORGEOUS!!!  The children were ever so helpful, picking, washing and checking the fruit  (Matthew keen to point out any bug holes or bird pecks!!!) Then we moved on to the topping, my daughter weighing out the ingredients and mixing everything together. I must admit that I had lost my son at this point, he was off snoozing with his daddy on a deck chair in the garden (!!!!) but Emma and I ploughed on!

Cooking is just such a great way to spend some ‘slow’ quality time together. I really should do it more often. What I love about it is that there are so many different stages to it. It can last for hours sometimes – from washing and preparing the ingredients, to getting out the utensils, weighing out ingredients, mixing, mashing, sieving, stirring, breaking eggs, decorating, washing up. It’s all just so much fun. I even realised today how helpful cooking is for number recognition as my daughter happily counted up the weighing scale as the flour was going in – something she’s not done before!! She’ll be able to read the recipe too soon which will make her feel even more involved 🙂 One other major thing I do find about cooking with the children is that if they have been involved in making and preparing the dish, they are much more likely to eat it , which can only be a bonus I say !!

So how did it taste? Well to be honest, the plums were a bit ‘wersh’ and I didn’t think the kids were going to like it but how wrong can I be!!!!! They loved it although it was probably something to do with the lashings of ice cream on the side! Happy days!! Bye for now Cx

P.S. Meant to say the blackberry pies from last week went down a treat too!!! Happy baking!!

One thought on “Oooo we do love a crumble!!!

  1. Hi Charlie I’m loving your blog, it’s such a fun read. I work with Neil and he was telling me about it on out team night out. I work full time so any time with Eleanor (my 5 year old) is precious. We do a lot of the “slow” stuff but it’s great to get new ideas. Yesterday we made binoculars and went out looking at stuff in town – we’ve had a series of free entertainments going on. Looking forward to your next instalment. Sam

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