Make Sunday ‘car boot’ day!!!

Have you ever been at a loss of what to do on a Sunday morning ? Well don’t be! Sunday morning is a perfect day to go car booting with many a car boot taking place up and down the country. We are spoiled in Cambridge with two super ones just on our doorstep. There’s one at Trumpington Park & Ride but the one we love most, is the one at Chaplins Farm in Fulbourn, probably something to do with the fact that Cheeky Monkeys softplay is on site!!!

Car boots usually kick off very early so if you do have any early risers in your house, this is a perfect activity for them. Stalls get going around 7 a.m. so what we do is get up, get dressed and go straight out taking breakfast with us. The children get so excited and talk about what they might like to get on the way there. A game, a book, something Princessy?, something from Toy Story!!!!??!!!! They take their own purses along and I usually give them £1 each to spend on their chosen delights!!! (Mummy has a bit extra for any unmissable bargains that might jump out. You just never know what might be for sale!!  !!) By 8, There are usually 100’s of people there and tens of stallholders up and running selling lots of second hand toys and games. It’s brilliant.  You know what they say, ‘One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure!!!!’

So what did we get on our last haul ? We were very successful……….

Mini boy rollerskates for 50p

5 x Roald Dahl books 10p each

A Buzz Lightyear notepad 20p

A Buzz toy for £2 RRP I imagine over £50 – BARGAIN!

A Guess Who board game 50p – a classic!!

A My little pony in a pink scooter for a £1

AND a tesco bag full of miniature animals for 50p

What a haul!!!!! TOTAL £5.20 RESULT!!! I For the price of just over 2 hours parking in the Grand Arcade ( THE most ridiculously expensive car park in Cambridge!!!!!) the children can spend a fun packed morning of shopping and go home with an armful of goodies!!!

And it’s not all about the loot (!!), car boots are great on so many other levels. The children can have a really good feel and a rummage, unlike the real shops where often picking up items is forbidden.  The children can also practise their shopping role play – they can ask prices, pay with their own money and receive change. They might even have a haggle now and again if the price seems too high!! And they’re outdoors! 

And finally, the best thing about purchasing at the car boot is that when the games have run their course you can always have a car boot of your own and sell it all back!!!!


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