Just sitting and being ……

I am so guilty of not just sitting and being with my children. I always seem to be busy doing something or in a different room or chasing my tail.  I don’t ever seem to just sit and just ‘be’. This fact was brought home to me as I sat and watched Grampa just ‘be’ with his grandkids this morning. It was lovely to watch actually. He got down on the floor and just lay next to them as they played. I can’t remember the last time I did that!? The children just loved having him there, sometimes interacting with him and showing him things, sometimes 

just playing alongside but simply content in his presence  and in the knowledge that he was there with them. He lay and played with them for nearly an hour,  in one room and with one toy- unheard of at our house where Mr and Mrs fidget bum would have been everywhere and into everything.  It really was a wonderful lesson in parenting. I am going to have to try and do a bit more of just ‘being’ from now on.


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