Sing …………

We were singing our heads off in the car today, so much so that my husband ended up coming off the motorway at the wrong junction and had to do a u-ey to get us back on track!! We were singing and all doing the actions and for that one moment in time I felt a real sense of togetherness with my family that we rarely share in our fast paced lives. It made me realise that we should sing more,  but no don’t worry I haven’t got any ideas of turning us into the next Osmonds (!!!) , perhaps we just need to add a few more songs to our repertoire because when I think about it, I only really know a handful of tunes and even then I might only know the first verse and chorus but not the whole thing. Songs like the Teddy Bears’ picnic, Do-re-mi, She’ll be coming round the mountain. All these songs I think I know the words to, but when I get going I soon realise I don’t!!!!! So here we go ‘This Old Man’ and others, I’m going to learn your verses once and for all !

P.S. I love this page on why singing is so important for children


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