Bring back the biscuit barrel assortment

What’s not to love about this fab four- shortcake, custard creams, NICE biscuits and bourbon creams. Yum diddly scrumptious and at 99p for the lot from the nation’s favourite supermarket (Aldi) who could ask for more. But biscuits don’t seem to rate among preferred snacks these days, children preferring individually wrappped, brightly packaged sweeties or chocolate, to a ginger nut or a digestive. We as parents are just as guilty as we go out and buy all these overpriced and over-packaged snacks, sucked into supermarket marketing and the inevitable BOGOFs.  So in my quest to slow down my parenting I’m also championing simpler snacks and these little beauties are just as tasty as a penguin,  maltesers or a waggon wheel and don’t cost the earth. So I’m all for the biscuit barrel assortment. Long live the custard cream! Happy snacking !

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