Get to know your trees

Do you know your alder from your elder? Your birch from your beech? A willow from a maple or a chestnut from an oak?


Well autumn is just the perfect time of the year to get out in the woods with the kids and start getting to know the trees. There are an amazing array in our native woodlands and in the autumn the trees are giving away their clues! Beech nuts, conkers, acorns, elderberries, catkins, sycamore seeds are everywhere and children just love to collect them.  I am no expert so often we take a little reference book out with us to help us recognise trees from their seeds and leaves (Usborne Spotter’s Guide to Trees).Its like solving an outdoors puzzle or being on a ‘tree’ treasure hunt! Our favourite has to be the oak. My daughter and I always love looking at the wavy oak leaves and love gathering acorns together. Craft and art possibilities are endless when it comes to leaves and seeds. Conker rolling in paint,  leaf printing, leaf crowns, collages, seed mobiles, wreath making to name but a few. And of course, if you’re done looking at trees you can always have a go at climbing one!! Have fun x

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