What exactly am I looking for in a pond?

After yesterday’s ‘standing and staring’ epiphany, we decided to have a long hard look (shalI I coin that LHL?!!!) in a pond today but it suddenly occurred to me once on the decking, lying on my tummy next to my excited children, that I didn’t actually know what I was looking for or what I was seeing!!

Pond skaters, dragonflies and the red admiral butterfly were the limit of my abilities but luckily my Biology-teaching best friend was right next to me to rescue us!! Mayflies, water bugs, water beetles,snails, wigglies, water slaters, shrimps and newts were all in the running today! How exciting!!

We’ve been recommended the RSPB First Book of Pond life so once it’s arrived (it’s on order !!!) I think a proper pond dip might well be on the cards!!

Looking forward to it already, Cx

P.S. Wigglies are worms, fly larvae, leeches, flatworms and other worm like creatures which tend to get lumped together as ‘wigglies’. Love it!!

P.P.S. Also loving the water boatman  – they are very special!! They actually look like they have a little pair of oars as they glide across the surface of the water! Did you know it is the loudest animal on Earth relative to its body size? Although I wont go into details how they make the sound!!! Stridulation! Outrageous!!!


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