Sunday roast is back on the menu…….

….and it’s here to stay!! Slow food meets slow parenting!! The perfect combo!!

A roast dinner round here had become a bit of an annual event!! Yes Christmas day!! But it’s back on the menu now, not only because it’s delicious and nutritious but also because the kids love it. From prepping the broccoli, to washing the potatoes, mixing the crumble, setting the table, there are so many ways the children can be involved. It gave them a real purpose today and something they could be proud of. Most importantly though ‘sunday roasting’ gets us all eating together and talking together. And that’s precious in this fast paced world we find ourselves living in.

So after a particularly grueling shift for daddy, we decided to treat him to the works. We’ve had roast chicken, stuffing, roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli, gravy, apple and strawberry crumble and custard for tea. A-MAZ-ING!!!

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