Rice krispie cakes are to die for!

I remember making these scrumptious cakes with my mum. A generation later the taste and experience hasn’t changed! I have two budding cooks in this house so what I tend to do is half the recipe and give the children a bowl each of the chocolate mixture and then a bowl each of rice krispies to pour in. Then I leave them to mix it all up and spoon the mixture into their chosen cake cases. Quite a lot of eating goes on and my floor gets covered in sticky krispies but on the whole, I can’t grumble. The delight is priceless and it is one of the all-time classics after all!!! Long live rice krispie cake making!! DELICIOUS!

Here’s the recipe:

150g milk chocolate

50g butter

60g golden syrup

135g rice krispies


Lovely leaf printing

Another wonderful ‘slow’ Autumn activity. This one is great on so many levels – the excitement of going out to collect the leaves, the anticipation of getting home and doing the craft and then the enjoyment of the whole creative experience, exploring colours, mixing paints, designing and refining. We found that instead of dipping the leaves in paint, it’s actually better to use a paint brush to spread the paint out on the back of the leaves. Much better leaf prints result!!!  NB we used paper plates again as palettes. See the link below.  ‘Slow-tastic’ fun!!! (now there’s a new one for my glossary of terms!!!) Enjoy 🙂


Conker garlands

Conker collecting has hit fever pitch here in Cam. The trees are just dumping their load on an unprecedented scale. The kids in our village just can’t keep up !!  Bucket load after bucket load have been coming through the door here so today we decided to have a go at using these little gems and we tried making some conker garlands. This involved daddy getting his power tools out ( they were rather dusty – not much DIY goes on round here!!!) and then drilling holes all the way through the conkers. Then we got lengths of string, tied a knot in one end and then the children started threading the conkers through!! The concentration on our children’s faces was just adorable to see! Garlands then turned into necklaces, crowns and bracelets. Great slow fun. Highly recommended. I’ve also now got a pretty garland string to put in my wardrobe to ward off those spiders!! Thanks kids x

Here are some more Autumn arts and crafts ideas.


And here’s one I made earlier!!


Wheelbarrow races

Wonderful, wonderful ‘slow fun’ on a balmy September afternoon in Cambridge.Wheelbarrow races just rock!! Now, for anybody reading this who hasn’t got a clue what a ‘wheelbarrow race’ is, a wheelbarrow race is a game where one person takes the role of I suppose a driver and the other person takes the role of the wheelbarrow. The driver then holds on to the other person’s ankles, while the other person walks on their hands. You then pit yourself against an opponent and the fastest partnership wins!! Bizarre I know. Us Brits have some quirky pass times!!! It is commonly played at fairs and family events and is just a complete hoot!! We hadn’t played it with the children until today but it was great fun and will definitely be featuring at one of our summer b’day parties I’m sure. Have fun if you fancy it ! Adults can play too btw!!!

Line up those cars

The kids are fascinated about what we used to do as children, the games we played and what our favourite toys were. Our children especially. My son knows that his daddy used to love playing cars and this has only added to my son’s fascination with everything four-wheeled!! Matchbox cars are strewn round our house but this week a more tidy trend has emerged. Why? Because daddy told his wee boy that what ‘HE’ used to do was line his cars up. And that was it, that was all daddy had to say. My son has spent the whole of rest of the week emulating his dad,  lining up his cars wherever he goes- bumper to bumper, side to side, or one, one way and one the other. Long trains of cars have sprung up around the house. How lovely to see how ‘slow’ fun never changes! Long my it continue!!

Say ‘no’ to the one-eyed babysitter!

It is just too easy to lie in bed and tell the children to go and put the TV on downstairs when they’ve woken up at the crack of dawn for the umpteenth time in a row!! But we must resist!!. We must say ‘NO’ to the one-eyed baby sitter living downstairs and rise to the challenge of being ready for the off !! So my latest is to get the pens and paper ready the night before and put them on the kitchen table. Then when the wake-up calls come through at whatever unearthly time it is, I can suggest going downstairs to do a wonderful picture for daddy and then I can roll over and go back to sleep just the same!! Result!!! No brain-numbing, advert-crammed cartoons and a more creative and thoughtful pursuit!!

There’s a scoot route for every occasion!!

I’ve seriously not been thinking through my day enough. Why take the car, when a ‘scoot’ could be the order of the day. Or alternatively I could take the car but park just a little further away from ‘destination’ and have the scooter on board! Genius!! Why have I not exploited this more!! ? There are so many little ‘pops’ to the shops, the post office, butchers, a letter, milk, a friends. I must make more of these little missions and turn them into exciting adventures. Now my son can scoot and balance bike short distances (sorry I used balance bike as a verb then- oh well. I am no literary scholar!!), I need to take every opportunity to use these new means of travel. Yesterday was a perfect example, I drove and parked up in the next village and then let my son scoot down to the post office, package in back pack! I then extended our little adventure by letting him queue, hold the parcel, hand it over and then take the receipt. Then we scooted back up to the school to pick up big sis and then back to the car. A perfect little jaunt. And no, I’m not turning into the laziest parent in town HONEST. My kids just love taking part and it comes off the back of my eureka style post on Sep 9th –  ‘ Let them carry the shopping basket’ !!!

So my new mantras for this week, ‘there’s a scoot route for every occasion’ and ‘if they can carry it, let em hold it!!’  I shall endeavour to work these two in as much as possible! Signing off now. Slow ‘getting slower every day’ mum in Cambridge!! xx