And another new park found………..

This time of the wet n wild variety on Coleridge recreation ground near Cambridge city centre. It was great with an ultra-new splash pad and paddling pool to boot. It was a bit tricky to park but well worth a trip into town just to spend some time splashing around. My two loved jumping in and out of the water jets and there was some unusual playground equipment to try out too. The more we investigate parks around Cambridge, the more pleasantly surprised we are! What a treat to find a hidden little gems with a ‘lido’. I think Cambridgeshire boasts more than its fair share of lidos to be honest. There are two at Cherry Hinton park, one at Lammas land and one at Jesus green and probably more that I don’t know about yet, but I’m on a mission to find them! Perfect places for ‘slow-fashioned fun’. Cx

P.S. Special thanks to the lady sat to my left in the parents seating area for lending me her travel potty. Within 5 minutes of arriving my son announced he needed a poo. (My son being one of the most prolific outdoor poopers in South Cambs). Without her potty, my experience might not have been such a positive one!!! Over and out!

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