Kids love to dance!

My husband is often bemused to come home and find the curtains closed and music blaring from within!!! He’ll walk through the door to find his wife and two children bopping away in the front room in semi-darkness underneath a little £2 disco torch hanging from the ceiling!!! He’ll immediately join in, how can you not when two little expectant faces are looking up at you!! Our two love dancing so much that we recently took them to a children’s disco and it was a brilliant event. The children really enjoying themselves and really got into the spirit of things and loved dancing alongside other little contemporaries. I saw a side to my daughter that I have never seen before. She really let herself go and was really expressing herself with her dancing. Bless her!

Here’s a selection of the tracks we heard…….

Music man CLASSIC – the children loved mimicking playing all the instruments, especially the bagpipes!!

Hokey kokey CLASSIC – few problems with left and right though!!

Conga – CLASSIC – although tricky keeping an eye on where your child was!!!

Superman EXTREME CLASSIC!! Here are the words to make you smile! Put in on your playlist today!!!

Sleep,wave you’re hands, hit you’re right, sneeze, go for a walk, let’s see you swim, now ski, spray, machoman, sound your horn, ring the bell, ok, kiss, comb your hair, wave your hands………………………Superman!!!

Any other great children’s disco tracks you might want to recommend, I’d be all ears. Slowmum xx


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