Go on a bus ride even if you’re not sure of your destination!

Bus trips are brilliant. So much to see and so many things to talk about. We love ’em and will happily swop the car for a ‘day-rider’ any day. There are a few ‘must-do’s’ for our trips which include the compulsory singing of ‘Wheels on the bus’, the obligatory pressing of the the STOP bell  (even if it has already been pressed!!!!), ticket punching and the mandatory top deck position, front seat preferably!! . It’s the only way to travel!! And to be honest I think I have to agree. It’s the nosey person’s dream come true. You can see everything from up there – right into people’s front rooms, gardens, schools, workplaces!! Great for playing ‘I-spy’! Another nice game for the bus that I can now play with my daughter is ‘Road sign ABC’. Basically we try and find all the letters of the alphabet on road and street signs in alphabetical order. It’s a good ‘un.

Next stop for us will be the Guided Bus. A friend of mine has recommended a trip out to St Ives and back . Perfect for my little bus enthusiasts  I’ve been told! Can’t wait!



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