Chill out on the bed for a while

Beds are a great place to chill out especially it seems our bed! The children often head for it during a game of hide and seek or jump around on it when I’m footling around upstairs putting clothes away. It’s just so versatile. You can lie in it, hide in it, roll up in it, make a den under it, jump around on it, read books on it, loll on it, get naked on it (!!!), hang upside down from it, drive cars over it, put the teddies to bed in it, snooze on it, hop on it, tunnel through it, get your torch under it, have a pretend sleepover in it, snuggle mummy on it, pile the pillows up high on it and ultimately if completely chilling out fall asleep on it! The bed is a wonderful place! Soft and sumptuous, who wouldn’t want to spend some ‘slow’ time on it! Have fun!


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