Invite a baby round!!

Babies like puppies really are better than television!! We are spoiled this weekend to have a little baby staying with us and I would thoroughly recommend every household having one come round to play!!! Our children have whooped with delight as our little 10 month old visitor has giggled and crawled and smiled and entertained. The children are so in awe of the ‘wee man’ (he’s Scottish btw!!) and have played with him endlessly and lovingly. Multiple repetitions of peekaboo have been enjoyed,  ‘crawl-chase’ has been perfected and bath time has been a hoot!!  We’ve sung songs, re-discovered the baby toys together and relived the good old ‘baby days’ which seem like such a long time ago now!!! I’ve also seen a side to my children that I’ve never seen before. They’ve been so careful and so patient and so good with our little visitor, teaching him new things and new games. My two have really taken to being the older role models. It’s been so lovely to watch. It makes me think I might like another!!!


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