Conker bonkers!

It’s ‘conker time’!!! That most wonderful time of the year when children just go ‘bonkers about conkers!!’ ‘Slow parenting’ heaven if you ask me! My two just love ’em and spend hours ferreting around for conkers in our local park. And you know what, I love it too. There’s something very special about the little chestnut jewels hiding in the grass. It’s like hunting for treasure. You can never have enough either!! We love a special trip out to collect a ‘stash’ and often play who can find the biggest, the smallest, the shiniest, the most unusual on our trip. We especially love it when we find conkers still in their prickly shells. It’s so exciting to break into them and find the ripe conker seeds nestling inside, completely intact. And if there’s more than one in there, cor blimey, there’s an explosion of excitement from my two. Baby conkers being our all-time favourite!!

Here’s some conker ideas I’ve found. The first site is very cute. I love the conker necklace idea and the reminder to put a bowl out to ward off spiders. And if you are wondering how to play the famous game named after the little beauties the second site is great for a quick lowdown ,complete with pics!!


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