Jam tarts – LOVELY!!

Ever so easy and ever so fun to make. Just a little pastry and a dot of jam and ‘hey presto’ delicious little tarts of jammy sweetness for little people to enjoy. DIVINE!  All you need to do is lightly grease a bun tin, give the children a handful of ready roll pastry each, a rolling pin and a circular cutter and let them go . They can experiment and play with the dough to their heart’s content and then once they’ve got the knack of using the cutters they can start laying their bases into the bun tray. Get them to pop a small teaspoon of jam on top and then cook the tarts for about 15 mins on 180 or until they are golden brown. We also like to lattice the top or make a little smiley face with any left over pastry or if you prefer just leave them open.  They may have been out of fashion for some time but you never know, the humble jam tart might just make a revival one of these days !!! Perhaps through the ‘slow mum’ blog!! Watch this space!!

P.S. These gooey treats are perfect to make with a selection of homemade jams!!! In true ‘Blue Peter style’, here’s one I made earlier!!  https://slowmumincambridge.wordpress.com/2014/07/27/


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