Pillow talk!

Bed time always seems to be such a rush in this house. However early we start the wind down to bed, there never seems to be enough time ! More often than not we simply run out of time or go over time which then leads to tired little ‘toggles’ the next day! So many things to fit in after dinner and before bed – homework, bath, splash, play, wash bodies, wash hair, dry hair, dry bodies, brush teeth, last wee of the night, pants on, pyjamas on, tidy up, read for school, read for fun, say a prayer, collapse (!!)- all before lights out. Often we’re as exhausted as the kids at this time and just want to get the kids down and the dinner on. And what always seems to fall off the end of the day, is the opportunity to talk for a little while. So much has happened in my children’s lives in a day and we (well I suppose I) just don’t take enough time to talk at bedtime, preferring to get the kids down and the jobs done. Tonight I decided to turn the tide on this trend and introduced some ‘talking time’ some ‘pillow talk time’ to be more exact and you know what, it was a revelation. Just spending 5 minutes chatting together at the end of today was just lovely. My daughter and I talked about her day, what she’d done in class, celebration assembly and what she was looking forward to doing at the weekend. It was lovely and I gleaned so much from those precious few minutes lying together on her pillow. Sitting and talking is just so important and so worthwhile. I need to make more time for it. However tired or frustrated I might feel at the end of the day, I have made a promise to myself that I’ll be making more time for ‘pillow talk’ from now on in. Slower parenting and more talking 🙂


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