Stuck in the mud

I had a delightful walk down memory lane this afternoon when we attended our first 4th birthday party of the season. It was an outdoor affair and ‘slow’ play was the name of the day. AWESOME! Stuck in the mud, tig, stomp rocket. a mini treasure hunt, catch, chase and a spot of footy. Perfect for 5 little boys! For me’ stuck in the mud’ really stood out as the ‘slow’ champion. A cracker of a game instilling team work, fast thinking and fast reactions in our wee boys. The kids just lapped it up and once the game was set up , they carried it on and really got stuck in. Hats off to our hosts. Parties don’t need to be all ‘plastic fantastic’ with an entertainer, over thought through games and ridiculous party bags. Kids love the outdoors, team games and being free to just  run and just ‘be’. This party ticked all bases!!  FAB- U – LOUS!!

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