A snail is for life not just for Christmas!

My two are completely obsessing over snails and slugs at the moment so much so that a couple of weeks ago they spent over 2 hours creating a slug rescue centre under a hedge at one of the local country parks. Slugs were ferried over on leaves to their new home with speed and precision. The children loved their new mission (initiated by them might I add) and weren’t phased in the slightest when it came to picking them up and carrying them on their hands if required. I estimate a good 50 snails moved house that day although there were a few escapees!!! Then today saw a massive loyalty shift over to the slightly more loveable minibeast, the snail. A dedicated snail ‘love in’ began at about 4p.m. and honest to God, didn’t finish until bedtime!  My daughter chanced on finding not one but  3 little snails who had set up camp on the side of our green bin and that was it, they were instantly adopted as our snail family and a snail home was created. Our newest family members are currently sitting on my daughter’s window sill in a tupperware box stuffed with leaves and grass!! ( the snail home!!! ) but don’t worry there’s a piece of cardboard on top of their box with air holes poked through and they’re only staying for one night. They’ll  be let loose in the morning!! What a delight to have chanced upon these characterful little beasts. The baby ones being the best!! I think with snails it’s the antennas that cause all the fascination. They are amazing little things as they extend and retract and feel their way around their environment. Fascinating. My children simply regaled in it all. They’ll be giving them names next!!!! Happy days!


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