There’s a scoot route for every occasion!!

I’ve seriously not been thinking through my day enough. Why take the car, when a ‘scoot’ could be the order of the day. Or alternatively I could take the car but park just a little further away from ‘destination’ and have the scooter on board! Genius!! Why have I not exploited this more!! ? There are so many little ‘pops’ to the shops, the post office, butchers, a letter, milk, a friends. I must make more of these little missions and turn them into exciting adventures. Now my son can scoot and balance bike short distances (sorry I used balance bike as a verb then- oh well. I am no literary scholar!!), I need to take every opportunity to use these new means of travel. Yesterday was a perfect example, I drove and parked up in the next village and then let my son scoot down to the post office, package in back pack! I then extended our little adventure by letting him queue, hold the parcel, hand it over and then take the receipt. Then we scooted back up to the school to pick up big sis and then back to the car. A perfect little jaunt. And no, I’m not turning into the laziest parent in town HONEST. My kids just love taking part and it comes off the back of my eureka style post on Sep 9th –  ‘ Let them carry the shopping basket’ !!!

So my new mantras for this week, ‘there’s a scoot route for every occasion’ and ‘if they can carry it, let em hold it!!’  I shall endeavour to work these two in as much as possible! Signing off now. Slow ‘getting slower every day’ mum in Cambridge!! xx


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