Line up those cars

The kids are fascinated about what we used to do as children, the games we played and what our favourite toys were. Our children especially. My son knows that his daddy used to love playing cars and this has only added to my son’s fascination with everything four-wheeled!! Matchbox cars are strewn round our house but this week a more tidy trend has emerged. Why? Because daddy told his wee boy that what ‘HE’ used to do was line his cars up. And that was it, that was all daddy had to say. My son has spent the whole of rest of the week emulating his dad,  lining up his cars wherever he goes- bumper to bumper, side to side, or one, one way and one the other. Long trains of cars have sprung up around the house. How lovely to see how ‘slow’ fun never changes! Long my it continue!!

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