Wheelbarrow races

Wonderful, wonderful ‘slow fun’ on a balmy September afternoon in Cambridge.Wheelbarrow races just rock!! Now, for anybody reading this who hasn’t got a clue what a ‘wheelbarrow race’ is, a wheelbarrow race is a game where one person takes the role of I suppose a driver and the other person takes the role of the wheelbarrow. The driver then holds on to the other person’s ankles, while the other person walks on their hands. You then pit yourself against an opponent and the fastest partnership wins!! Bizarre I know. Us Brits have some quirky pass times!!! It is commonly played at fairs and family events and is just a complete hoot!! We hadn’t played it with the children until today but it was great fun and will definitely be featuring at one of our summer b’day parties I’m sure. Have fun if you fancy it ! Adults can play too btw!!!


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