Conker garlands

Conker collecting has hit fever pitch here in Cam. The trees are just dumping their load on an unprecedented scale. The kids in our village just can’t keep up !!  Bucket load after bucket load have been coming through the door here so today we decided to have a go at using these little gems and we tried making some conker garlands. This involved daddy getting his power tools out ( they were rather dusty – not much DIY goes on round here!!!) and then drilling holes all the way through the conkers. Then we got lengths of string, tied a knot in one end and then the children started threading the conkers through!! The concentration on our children’s faces was just adorable to see! Garlands then turned into necklaces, crowns and bracelets. Great slow fun. Highly recommended. I’ve also now got a pretty garland string to put in my wardrobe to ward off those spiders!! Thanks kids x

Here are some more Autumn arts and crafts ideas.

And here’s one I made earlier!!

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