‘Simon Says’

Another classic to add to your repertoire. ‘Simon Says’ (or ‘more often than not, ‘My Daughter Says’ in this house!!) is a game in which you obey an order only when it begins with “Simon Says”. It’s quite a challenging game really, especially when you’re 3!! You play it by first of all choosing someone to be Simon . Simon then orders all sorts of different things to be done. For example, “Simon says: ‘Thumbs up!’ . Everybody puts their thumbs up. Then he might say something like  “Thumbs down!” really quickly afterwards which should not be obeyed, because the order did not begin with “Simon says thumbs down”.  When someone follows an order that does not begin with Simon Says, he or she is out or the loser and then it starts all over again. Our daughter just loves it and our 3 year old boy will happily sit and try and do the actions.  More often than not it ends in a fit of giggles but it’s fun trying and if you get time to play it as a  family, all the better :-).


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