Go it alone – you can do it!!

So often I find that our precious family time has become ‘booked up’ and ‘taken up’ and we can’t go on like that. We need to ‘go it alone’ a bit more, protect our time and enjoy our precious moments as a family unit or 1:1. I don’t want to look back in years to come and think we spent our children’s childhood constantly with other people, however nice they are!! We need to protect our family time and we need to do it from now on and I’m feeling that ‘slow mumming’ is really giving me the confidence to make better choices in this regard. In the past I’ve booked up my children’s time to staggering effect – play dates and parties and clubs and outings all because it’s easier to do it with other people but also because I’d sort of lost confidence of doing it alone because I’d got so used to being with other people all the time. But I am on a mission to change my ways. Only today I decided to go on an adventure into Cambridge on my own with my boy. He scooted for over a mile into the city and back out again along all the historical paths and past the famous landmarks. It was so much fun. We stopped to look at the punts and the market and saw some ducks! Afterwards I took him swimming and it was just a really special and memorable day for us both, made even more so by the fact that it was just the two of us. I will hold today’s special memories with me for years to come. Proof that ‘going it alone’ is possible and the most rewarding parenting experience of all.


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