I ‘b*****’ hate playdough but I’ve got to admit it’s a good ‘slowie’!!

The person who invented play dough needs shooting in my opinion. Bloody horrible stuff it is, gets everywhere, on your socks, in your cooking and worst case scenario in your bed carried upstairs by a poor, unsuspecting slipper!!! Yuk!!! But despite its failings, playdough is one hell of a good ‘slowie’. You can roll it, cut it, mould it, shape it, flatten it, poke it, spike it, eat it (if you’re a baby and your mum’s not looking) basically do a full range of fine motor skills activities with it but your mum just has to be prepared for the fallout from it!! Take today for example. By the end of a 40 minute completely absorbed session of the stuff, my son had a massive pink smear of playdough down the front of his joggers and his sister had massive splodges all over her socks! Arghhhhhh!!! But they did have fun!! Creative, messy slow fun!!!

Here’s some fab ideas I discovered afterwards (DOPE!!) . Enjoy!!



One thought on “I ‘b*****’ hate playdough but I’ve got to admit it’s a good ‘slowie’!!

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