Baked spuds all the way!!

Another culinary ‘slowie’ for you.  Baked potatoes!! Delicious!! I popped a couple in mid-morning and by lunchtime they were ready to rock n roll. I set the kids up with their own boards, placed their potatoes cut in two in the middle of them and then gave the kids the job of spooning out the middle of their spuds into a separate bowl. The budding chefs then mashed their fluffy fillings, added butter and salt and pepper and then put their mixtures back in the potato skins. The final job was to spoon in their filling – tuna and sweetcorn but you could have all sorts of combos – cheesy beans, cheese and onion, chilli !! The kids loved it and once again because they’d been involved in the preparation process they ate the lot!!  RESULT ! Slow food meets slow parenting again!!!


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