Lazy ‘slow’ mummy!!

In my quest to slow down I’ve stumbled across the ultimate of ‘slowies’ (you can call me ‘lazy’ ‘slow mum’ from now on if you like!!!!). It’s brilliant, especially at bed time when we’re all a bit shattered but just need that final push to get us through to ‘lights out’. Basically my daughter gets to be mummy for the evening and I get to kick back and relax. My daughter loves it (of course) and amazingly my son revels in having his sister pretend to be me!! She decides how and when, helping her brother put on his PJ’s and brushing his teeth. She’s completely in charge, choosing the bed time stories, reading to her brother  and then tucking him in and saying ‘night night’. Apart from being the cutest thing ever, it really is a lovely activity to just roll with. The children love role playing and it’s so funny to hear your phrases and expressions coming out of their mouths!!


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