Quiche is a great ‘quickie’ and ‘slowie’.

Home late and needing a quick tea? Want something healthy that the children will enjoy? Well quiche is the perfect dish, quick to make and one that allows the children to participate. I’ve started keeping a roll or two of shortcrust pastry in the fridge just for this recipe. If needs be I can quickly defrost a roll, hand it over to my chief kitchen assistant and she can start shaping it into the Swiss roll  tin. The other ingredients I usually have in although I often vary the filling depending on what I’ve got hanging around – some ham, sweetcorn, chicken etc. This is how it goes……

Pack of shortcrust pastry

2 eggs

200ml milk or creme fraiche

2 tablespoons of pesto

6 big and 200g small cherry toms – sliced and halved

Herbs and S&P

The kids can roll out the pastry and line the tin, break the eggs and mix with the milk or creme fraiche, spoon in the pesto, arrange the tomatoes on the pastry base, pour the liquid over and rip the herbs. Then can then wash up if they like!!! Fun fun ‘slow’ fun! Bon appetit!!

Oops almost forgot 200 degrees C for 20 mins xx


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