1-2-3 wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Kids love being swung about and as long as you’re careful I’m all for it!! We spent a good 20 minutes swirling and a twirling and giggling this evening as my children took it in turns to be spun around and flipped over by mummy.

Here’s a list of our favourite ‘swingy’ pursuits.

1-2-3 whee( probably the favourite in this household). Your little one takes hold of an adult on each side and you all say together ‘1- 2-3 whee’ and on the ‘whee’ the child flies into the air !

Back flips – the children walk up your trousers, hang upside down and flip over backwards. NB Don’t wear your best clothes for this one!!!

Somersaults – the children bend over and put their hands and their head through their legs, you grab their hands and flip them over quickly. Ta-dah!!!

A leg and and an arm (a grandparent special). The adult grabs one of each and spins the little monkeys around on the spot!! Or as my mum and dad do,  you can pair up and the adults take a leg and an arm each and rock the little ones back and forward!!!

Under arm spin – grab your little ones from behind and hold them under their armpits and turn!!! Good fun after they’ve run a long distance to you or run down a hill!

I’m sure there are many more, drop me a line if you have any suggestions!!! In the mean time, here comes my first disclaimer, BE CAREFUL WHEN SWINGING CHILDREN  and if anyone asks where you got the flippy, tricky, ‘shoulder poppy’ ideas from, you never read it here!!!

Have funx


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