Torch fun

This is a great one now the evenings are drawing in. We turn off all the lights and go looking round the house and in cupboards and around the playroom, all by torchlight. It’s fabulous fun. We sometimes sit and read books by torchlight or the kids play ‘chase the light’ as I fire the torch in different directions. We’ve done a torch treasure hunt in the past, when I’ve hidden an object in a darkened room and the children have had to go in and find it by torchlight. We’ve even taken the torches outside and played hide and seek by torchlight. The options are huge ! Torches come into their own though at Halloween. We’ve sat under a blanket and told spooky stories by torchlight and we’ve also invested in some fabulous torches from the £1 shop that have colourful removable lenses that shine ghoulish shapes onto the wall. Brilliant, brilliant fun! Torches are definitely a ‘must have’ for the ‘slow mum’ toolkit! Go out and get yours today and some extra batteries while you’re at it!!! Halloween’s only 2 weeks away!!


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