Grow your own

It’s harvest time and we’re delighted to announce that we have a fine crop again here at ‘allotment Cambs’!! Our ‘star’ vegetable this year definitely being the butternut squash. From one little packet of seeds we’ve had over 30 squashes. Very satisfying for us and the kids and such interesting shaped vegetables!!!!!! The kids have been on the ‘journey’ with us from the start, they came to the garden centre to pick the seeds, they’ve filled the trays with soil and planted the seeds, they’ve watered the seeds on the window sill and then helped to plant them out into larger pots when they became stronger. The kids helped us plant  out the butternut plants at the allotment and took great delight in helping us to protect our little seedlings with a ‘ring of fire’  against those pesky slugs!!!! We wont mention exactly what the slug pellets do to the slugs shall we!!! We’ve watered and nurtured our butternut plants on a daily basis and watched them grow and grow until finally they put out their runners and  produced their fine globes late on in the Summer. It’s been a pleasure and the children have really learned about where vegetables come from and about the importance of watering and caring for the plants. My advice when it comes to growing vegetables with kids would be to choose vegetables that are easy to sow and will be quick growing and need minimum maintenance. Also choose vegetables that you know your children already like and are most likely to munch. Then the process is even sweeter. Things like courgettes, carrots and tomatoes are fantastic but if you fancy more fancy veggies, you go for it!! Enjoy the journey. It’s a slow yet highly satisfying one!!!!


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