Who needs toys when you’ve got a tub!!!!!

Who needs toys when there are tubs to sit in!!!! Flexi tubs to be precise. My two have spent a large chunk of today sat in these. Stereo-typically my son was in a blue one and my daughter in a pink one (how does that happen – could somebody explain that to me please!!) It got me thinking that it really is the simplest things that keep our little ones amused. My two seemed quite happy just lounging in their tubs, popping cushions in every now and again and grabbing the blankets to hide underneath and peep their heads out from under. The theme continued when my husband brought their car seats in to vacuum out. The children played a fantastic little game of pretending to be passengers on an aeroplane whilst never leaving the hallway. They pretended to have a meal and then grabbed the blankets again to snuggle underneath on the way to their destination.  It was fantastic to watch and was all child-lead. Who knows what they’ll sit in next!!! (I’ll keep you informed!! )All I know is that it was fabulous ‘slow fun’ indeed 🙂

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