Choo choo!

It’s just non-stop trains in our house at the moment.  Slow parenting heaven!!!  The tracks and trains are in constant use calling for Formula 1 style pit stops for the little automated Thomas’s. They’re coming through almost hourly for battery replacement procedures on the kitchen work surface! Slow mum doesn’t mind though, she’s got the £1 shop for batteries and can just about stretch to intricate undercarriage surgery!! It’s all worth it, in between battery changes  the children will sit for hours watching Thomas and his friends going round and round on increasingly complex track systems that are gracing our lounge floor and are made entirely by them. Today’s track was a double figure of 8 with a crossroads and tunnel suspended in mid-air. Very creative!! Better than I could do !!!

Christmas presents sorted then!! Look no further!  – no I’m not getting any commission!!!


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