Duvet mountain

Oh how I love ‘slow mumming’. Gone are the days when my children would race into the house and plonk themselves down in front of TV without a second thought. Slower parenting has opened the children up to more role play, quality sibling time and most of all more imaginative play. Games are initiated at speed, this evening being the obscene piling high of every duvet and pillow in the house. A duvet mountain has been created in my bedroom and as much as I know it’ll take an age to tidy away, I don’t care, the children are having wonderful, boundless, creative fun. There are no schedules to follow, no pressures on their time (apart from bath time and bed time!!), they are simply enjoying free time and being free. Just as we as adults need a bit of head space or down time, the kids do too and mine are having theirs right now!! Giggles of delight are trailing down the landing!! Oh here I go. “Mummy, come and find us”!!!!!


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