Window shopping

We love this activity and sometimes take a trip out to specifically ‘try but not buy’!! The children love to look (and touch!!!) and on our window shopping outings we can do just that and get ideas for birthdays and Christmases at the same time.  There’s no pressure to ‘buy,buy,buy’ and shopping when there’s not an agenda is much more fun. When you have to rush round the shops, the children often get bored but if the trip is all about them you can go at their pace and go in the shops they want to go in. It’s just a great ‘slowie’, popping to the shops to have a look around. I think the French have hit the nail on the head. Their translation of window shopping is ‘lecher les vitrines’ which quite literally means ‘to lick the windows’ and when you’re shopping with toddlers I imagine there are some that do!!!!!

Happy shopping with your little ones !!!

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