Take a walk down memory lane

Children are fascinated about what we did as children. What we did, where we went, what our bedrooms were like, what we used to do with our parents. A lovely ‘slow’ activity to do if you are ever in your old neck of the woods is to take the children for a ‘walk down memory lane’ to see some of the places you used to go to as a child. Today my husband took our little ones to a very beautiful place not far from the Peak District National Park where my husband and I spent many happy hours walking our dogs and picking bilberries. The children loved walking in our old footsteps and hearing of our adventures and of how we would roam through the woods and climb to the the top of the heather-covered hill to take in the stunning views. You could see the children were really thinking about it all and trying to piece together what mummy and daddy used to do. Just to be standing where mummy and daddy once stood was so exciting for them!!  What a memorable day. Why don’t you think about taking a trip down memory lane sometime soon, it really is lovely thing to do and I can guarantee the children will be fascinated !


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