It’s all about semantics!!

Today I had a revelation! It really is how you ‘sell’ the dinner to your little ones that works. A ‘fruit platter’ for example is much more exciting sounding than say a banana or an apple. Offer a ‘breakfast muffin’ and they wont blink an eye. Mine are stuffed full of tomatoes and mushrooms which they would normally scoff at but once you describe something as a cake, they’ll eat the lot. Making something sound very fancy is also a winner. For example ‘spaghetti primavera’ (Italian accent included!) – sounds very tantalizing (which it is) but I’m simply serving them with strips of carrot and courgette mixed in with spaghetti and creme fraiche, Yum. Conclusion, it really is all about the words that you use! Here’s the recipe for my top seller, mummy’s ‘top secret’ pasta sauce (stolen from Anabel Karmel) which causes extreme excitement in this household and because the recipe’s a secret , it’s deemed to be even more special still. It’s literally a vast vat of veggies whizzed together in the blender and served with bow tie pasta but I wont be telling the kids that!!! Recipe below. Ooo and before I forget anything on a cocktail stick, in miniature or served in an interesting dish is also a winner. Happy cooking everyone and get ‘selling’!!!! As a famous Irish comedian once said ‘It’s the way you tell ’em!!!

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