Slow daddy has landed!!

I was having a wonderful lie in this morning (it’s half term week in Cambridge and my husband is off work to spend some time with his kids and me I think!!) and as I woke up I could hear all sorts of merriment from the lounge downstairs. I couldn’t quite make out what the kids were saying or doing but it did sound a little bit like they were building a train track or something. I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I got downstairs I was actually quite surprised to find that they were building a piece of furniture of all things.  An ikea special – a children’s storage unit no less. You wouldn’t think that this sort of activity could lead to such excitement but it did, and they were all very busy and all very much ‘on task’!! Both children were pulling their weight, putting screws in and dowls and handing daddy the parts he needed. They were in the zone and as I wandered in, my husband’s first utterance was, ‘Look, slow daddy has landed’ and he really had!! Hats off to him. He was doing a fabulous job, the children were learning and cooperating and very entertained. Not a sniff of telly to be seen and two happy contented little children. They spent over an hour on their project together. Nice work ‘slow daddy’ – watch this space  for some more ‘slow’dad’ activities coming soon!!!


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