Progress report!

Today is the day of my 100th blog and 100 days in, I am happy to report that ‘slow mumming’ is definitely having a positive effect on my parenting! By consciously trying to slow down, I have become a much happier parent and I think my children are happier too. We’ve got a slower, calmer timetable now and the changes I’ve made have freed up our time so the children can enjoy life at their own pace. Play date mania has been curbed, party acceptances refined, television consumption lessened and free play and family time increased and protected. Life has become more simple in a way and the children have found great pleasure in the simpler things in life and are enjoying the great outdoors in copious quantities. Role play has rocketed, creative play has soared, we’re talking more, eating together more and more than anything are just happier and more satisfied. Here’s to the next 100!!

Here’s a pick of some of my favourite blogs from the last 100 days…………………………

They’ll be more to come. Watch this space 🙂


One thought on “Progress report!

  1. Congratulations smic. I have been reading your blogs and love to see pictures of your happy kids. It’s great to write coz it makes you reflect and keep the slow parenting mission in mind. When’s the book coming out? I can see it in waterstones at Christmas, illustrated by the children. Can I have an autographed copy? Love AK


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