Bug hunt

‘Slow dad’ who is now masquerading on ‘slow mum’ pages has told me all about a wonderful bug hunt party he went on with his son this morning. He and my son enjoyed it so much they wanted a mention on the blog tonight. So here goes…. Take several excitable children, give them a bug hunting kit – net, pot, tweezers and a magnifying glass and let them loose in the garden. What do you get? Slow parenting heaven and completely engrossed children!! The kids at the party loved it, finding the bugs and then bringing them back to base where the bugs were all collected and placed in the middle of the garden table for closer inspection. The children then watched and cheered as the mini beasts raced to the sides of the table. The spiders won, followed closely by the centipedes, then the woodlice, worms, slugs and finally the snails. The ‘slowies’, the snails providing excellent magnifying glass viewing with their antennae aloft. Seriously good fun when you’re 3 and 4 and when you’re 37 it seems too!! Thanks for inviting us x


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