Wash the car together

My children love washing things (https://slowmumincambridge.wordpress.com/2014/08/04/lets-wash-something/) but now it seems they’ve set their sights a little higher than the playhouse or their balance bike. Daddy (yes slow daddy gets a mention again as he’s ‘on fire’ at the mo when it comes to all things ‘slow’!), dearest daddy has introduced the kids to washing the car and they are more than happy to get involved. It’s actually turned into a bit of a family affair whereby everyone has there spot to clean and their part to play. To be honest though, if there’s a hose pipe involved, you’ve got full cooperation and from my two! I’m actually thinking of wrapping a hose pipe up for Christmas for my son as he gets so excited about it. Anyway if you’ve never tried a family car washing session, give it a go this weekend!! Make it last all afternoon!! Just make sure you have multiple cloths and buckets and don’t expect to stay dry will you!!. Have fun!


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