Play charades

My two played a fabulous game of charades for their grandparents this evening. We were lucky enough to receive a charades game for kids for Christmas last year and it’s stacked full of picture clues and simple word clues that my 3-year old son and 5-year old daughter can take their prompts from.The children did brilliantly, miming animals and actions, my daughter read her own clues and then went into the lounge to perform to Nana and Grandpa. They did all sorts of mimes from pretending to be butterflies, to miming a fishing trip, pretending to be fireworks, putting on face paints, milking a cow, vacuuming, using chopsticks, playing golf, stirring a saucepan. It was pure genius and the children embraced the challenge. They were over the moon when Nana and Grandpa guessed their clue correctly. Forty minutes later the kids were still wanting more but it was time for tea. We will definitely be revisiting this ‘slow gem’ very soon and it’ll be great at Christmas. Here’s the game we’ve got but it would be just as easy to make your own. Have fun!


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