Do nothing

Yes that’s right.  Do nothing, absolutely nothing! Make no plans whatsoever and just chill out at home. Take today for example, my son and I didn’t leave the house until gone 4 and even then it was because we had to go out and pick my daughter up, if not he would have been quite happy to just roam free around the house the whole day. He had a fabulous time. True, the house looks like it’s been burgled this evening but apart from that!!! He really played with his toys, explored his bedroom, invented new little games, read a while, jumped around a bit, coloured, painted, did a jigsaw, snuggled in bed. The day just sort of evolved and we just enjoyed being here and having no constraints on our time. I don’t know about you , but it does seem like children have all their time booked up these days – no time to just lounge about, read books and do very little. It was just great to be ‘off timetable’, off the hamster wheel of fast paced parenting and just enjoying the simpler things of childhood and having time to play with what we’ve got.


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