Take a family walk through a city or local town

Today we found ourselves heading out of the sticks and into the heart of our local city centre, Cambridge. We’d intended to go in on a family Christmas shopping trip but in the end not much shopping took place! Instead we ended up on a magical mystery tour of our city!!! And very enjoyable it was too!! We parked a little further out from the centre than normal and enjoyed walking in slowly and looking at everything around us. Who can believe walking past houses and allotments, building sites and shops could be so much fun. We looked into doorways, at new buildings going up, oohed and arred at diggers and cranes (they caused a whole feast of questions), discussed underpasses ( oh yes we did!!), roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, looked into shops and restaurants and wandered along the shopping malls. Such a lot of conversation came about as we discussed why things were built in a certain way and for what function. A little bit of shopping took place but the real enjoyment came from being a family of four, on an adventure together. It was great, the kids asked so many questions and were so good.  It was just fun to hang out! Who knows where our next mystery magical tour will take us. Watch this space!


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