Messing about on the river

So I know what you’re thinking, boats………rivers………kids, are you sure!!?? But here in Cambridge there are all sorts of opportunities to get out on the water with the little ones and they LOVE IT!! You can go punting, where you push yourself along with a pole in a little flat bottomed boat. This is a great way to see the Colleges here and makes a fabulous birthday treat for big or small. Or you can hire a canoe and head up stream to Granchester, a beautiful little hamlet just outside Cambridge made famous by the ITV drama of the same name with the best tea room EVER! Or you can hire a rowing boat from Scudamores and head out on a family adventure, pack a picnic and enjoy the wildlife on the river.  But for me the ultimate is taking a ride on a narrow boat. How fun to travel out of the city, through locks, past the rowers, waving to the passers by. Yesterday we did just this and the experience was second to none. There’s a lot to be said about messing about on the river!!! Get those life jackets on and get out there!


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